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Web Check Help

Web Check is a web service that checks report files, ensuring compliance with the format requirements. Web Check was designed in accordance with the FEC Electronic Filing Specifications.

Note: Validation errors must be corrected prior to submitting a report. However, a report may be submitted with validation warnings. If you have questions about any errors or warnings, please contact the EFO Help Desk.

How do I validate a report in a web browser?

Web Check is accessible from any browser. Choose the *.fec file you wish to validate. Please take note of the process and expected wait times:

  • A file size less than 20MB - the validation results will be displayed immediately. If the validation is successful, Web Check will return the message "FEC data file PASSED validation!". In the event of an error or warning, Web Check will display "Errors(xxx)" and "Warnings(xxx)" tabs and will include an option to print all validation messages.
  • A file size between 20MB and 2GB - Web Check will acknowledge the file, displaying a validation ID, and send an e-mail that includes a link to the validation results.
  • A file size over 2 GB – a file of this size cannot be processed by Web Check. For assistance with files of this size, please contact the EFO Help Desk.

How do I consume the Web Check web service?

Software Developers may consume the SOAP web service which validates the filing data from the .fec file and returns a JSON object in which there is a link to view validation results.
Below are the Web Check web service end points.
1) validate - Validate expects three parameters, the first being an API Key, the second an email address, and the third is the byte[] of the .fec file (to which you are planning to validate the file).
2) status - Status expects two parameters, the first being the batch_id and second is the submission_id. Once an email is received status can be checked of a previously submitted request. The validation results will remain in our queue for 24 hours before being removed from the system. If the results not accessible, please re-submit your request

What is the purpose of an API Key and how do I get it?

An API Key is a unique key assigned to an electronic filing software vendor. To utilize the web services, and obtain an API Key, the vendor representative must register here. Once registered, an API Key will be assigned. If an API Key is lost or forgotten, the vendor representative must login to the vendor login to view the API Key.

What is the expected Web Check web service response?

The web service will return a JSON format response as below.

  • status
    "SUCCESS" - Passed Validation (No errors and warnings).
    "WARNINGS" - Passed validation with warnings.
    "ERRRORS" - Failed validation with errors.
    "PROCESSING" - We are processing your request, and you will be notified with a link to view your validation results.
    "COMPLETED" - You are trying to view Validation results that has been processed and results file has been removed from our system, please re-submit request.
    "FAILED" - Validation can fail for various reasons such as an invalid API Key, an invalid Email address, or an invalid FEC format.
  • msg_url
    URL to view or print MSG validation results.
  • ms2_url
    URL to view or print MS2 validation results.
  • ms3_url
    URL to view or print MS3 validation results.
  • message
    Contains details about the response. This can be a processing message or a reason for failure.
  • email
    For file sizes greater than 20MB, an email will be sent with a link to your validation results.
  • submission_id
    A unique ID assigned to the report which can be used for progress tracking. Use the status end point to track the status.
  • batch_id
    For file sizes greater than 20MB, there is batch number assigned to the request. If you would like to contact EFO Help Desk for any reasons regarding the file, please refer to this batch Id.
  • success
    True - FEC has received your report and validation process has been completed or it is under process. False - Please view the message for possible failure.
Please Note: Because .fec files can be very large, we are accepting "MTOM" Message Encoding.